Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bike Haus

2 years ago I had a shoot with Bike Haus' for the Summer Collection 2013 campaign but we did it around August 2012 with Mark McMahon and for that time, I did his make up but I am not a professional alright?! :) I just want to clear that up.
Anyhoo, Bike Haus was owned by Kuya Eric and I must say that he did a great job in handling it but sometimes God gives us better plans and I think that's why Kuya Eric left it for the meantime. Gratefully, Kevin's the new owner of Bike Haus which will be handled by him and of course myself while doing my best in my other works. I wish Katy would be happy when she grew up and be a "health buff" by the help of biking. :)
I have so much experiences in this kind of sport! I am not that kind of girl who likes playing volleyball and swimming but I have this thing with bikes! Actually, I have a permanent scar in my right knee because I really love biking everyday when I was young! I like to race especially with guys but don't dare me to bike in high places, my lungs will cry! Haha!
Hey hey! How about you? What are your experiences in biking and what are the things you love in this kind of "fat burning" method? Do you like to commute instead using a bike or not?
Experience an online shopping with bike and its parts at Bike Haus' Facebook page this coming April! Perfect for summer vacay right? And for some inspirations and updates also, follow Bike Haus' Instagram account

 Spare mother earth from the hazard of smoke coming out of your car and use bike instead! Please support and God bless us all! <3

Behind The Scenes Photos from the shoot : HERE
Model : Marck McMahon


  1. Hello sis! Musta na? :)
    Oh the photos are lovely as always!
    I've tried biking before when I still had spare time. Sometimes I go with my dad to the state park and go on trails. Sometimes with my friends, but after getting swarmed by mosquitoes I never went again haha >.<

  2. aaaah! Ang gaganda ng photos! and the bike sa first photo have the most lovely wheels. :D Na miss kong bigla mag bike.

  3. You really amaze me Bella. See hindi lang photographer pati make up kaya mo haha I just love how every photo turned out good! Sana makawork kita soon! :3

  4. very nice photos!! I love biking! i used to do it back in singapore with my friends but its been so long nah since we moved here in malaysia. x0~


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