Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SAUCEink Magazine

Hello! How you've been? For me, I got to say that I missed my blog so much that it hurts to see my headline that I am still 23 years old, hahahaha! I am wishing to be a lot younger than that though :) Well being an adult is both hard and fun sometimes. :) Hard, because you need to be independent and responsible. Fun, because you meet different people everyday and experience stuffs that are worth the risk.
Do I sound an outgoing one? Sad to say, I am not like that anymore. Maybe I am in a stage of maturing that sometimes I forgot to laugh and just stare in front of the computer or maybe the loneliness of missing my daughter almost everyday is killing me. Okay, enough of that. :)

So how's my life so far after I left blogging? It's quite a roller coaster ride, of course I won't share it here because it's too personal but I wish of seeing myself more happy than I have right now. :) My career, which is being a multitask-er ever since has been good but I turned down great opportunities for some instances. And when I say great, yes it is an awesome one but I think God will provide even better. :) 

One of those is what I have on this blog post which is a magazine from SAUCEink based in Singapore. Just last month, I had an opportunity to work with them as a Layout Designer and a Photographer which is yes.. my dream job but I chose my priority which is to have time for my kid and for myself also because I experienced having no time to sleep / rest, wash dishes and clothes, work with my freelance works and not seeing Katy which I couldn't take. 

Hmmm, okay back to the magazine and enough of my dramas hahaha! I was psyched to shoot my niece and cousin on the Mother's Day editorial because I wanted to shoot 'em so badly  since my niece was a little bit younger and of course thanks to Louie for planning it. For the layout of the magazine, I missed using minimal boxes and having lots of white spaces which I hated before but obviously I am loving it now! So yup, observe it through the pages except the Boho Fever and Charmed by Bali because Louie did the layouts for that. 

A month with them were full of deadlines, iced coffees (because the office is in Maginhawa), new people, work location and a Singaporean boss. Yep I had a boss for a month and it was really new for me but she's really a good one! Actually, I'm going to have an editorial shoot again for the magazine very soon and I pray that it will turn out better. :) 

So that's it! Hoping for a next blog post soon? :3

Monday, November 10, 2014


Good morning everyone! I just have to post two of the most refreshing photos I had last month. My eyes are really tired from editing and found a way to lighten it up by editing these two photos I have in the middle of my video files. :) These was taken while I was taking texture shots for my kiddie party video highlights for Harry Lim Photography. ;) Ciao! Back to work! <3