Monday, June 4, 2012

Bloggers United 3

 This was my first time to experience Bloggers United. Kev and I had a great time though the parking's not good, the place is small, we sweated a lot and masikip. I think they should've chose World Trade Center or SMX for this event, but that's my opinion only, no harsh feelings! :)

Our baon for that day! Toppo my loves!

That blurry and dafuq face of mine! Haha! Sorry as I always tell you guys, my DSLR's at the service center. HUHU!

The Pinkbox corner infront of the event's place.

Random clothes hanging.

Fascinating necklaces!


Yeah, it's Kev!

Anastasia Siantar, an Indonesian blogger of I always visit her blog since then and loving her hair, photos and outfits! Thanks BU3 for having her!

Kryz Uy and I exchanged e-mails last month for her blog design but unfortunately I am afraid to re-design her blog 'cause I am not that familiar of Wordpress and to top it all I forgot to tell her at BU3 that I was the one na magde-design sana for her blog haha! Thanks Vern for that opportunity though. :) Kryz complimented Kev's iPhone case and even touched it, "it's cute" daw. :)

Yeah, we finally met at BU3. Verniece and I are also exchanging text and Facebook messages 'cause I am still working on her new blog. Check it our here but it's not done yet. We discussed about it and she paid for it at their booth, she even gave her dress for me, Thanks Verniece!


Funny thing when I saw Nicole at the event, we were just staring at each other and shocked hahahaha! I wish we had time to bond and talk some other stuffs personally 'cause we're always tweeting about random things. Too bad di ako nakapunta at the Garnier event at MOA 'cause she invited me. Anyway, there's always a room for "next time"!

Guess who? Hahaha! After I pulled out some clothes from this booth, I had a chance to talked with Cheyser, my favorite blogger! She remembered my name when I told her that I am Bella Morcen, maybe because I always like her photos and even comment with those. She's in the middle and in the right side is Tracy. We knew Tracy since the Cole Vintage Photoshoot, we were the videographers and she was the stylist. I didn't know that she's a blogger then. Anyway, thanks for recognizing us Tracy! Nagloko yung digicam, sorry! :(

Hi Bjorn! We're glad that he liked the SM Youth BTS Video we did! He was the photographer of it and we're not allowed pa to publish the video and BTS photos 'til they say it so stay tuned!

Hi pogi! We had lunch/meryenda at Chick In, the nearest restaurant  when you stepped out the Grandsview. I only ate a few that's why when we got at the Megamall, I bought Floss at Breadtalk and Watermelon Shake from Cocktales. A perfect combination for a sudden burst of your hungry tummy! I apologize for the few photos 'cause I am not used with DigiCams and it really was a sweat exchange moment, I know you'd understand. :)

Here are the stuffs we bought! Click here.

Always & Forever,


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