Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Dayum that New Kids On The Block - Backstreet Boys concert made me goosebumps! This is the first ever concert I've ever attended. I know I'm such a loser but I am not a fan kasi in watching concerts and my budget's not that big for this kind of events. Well, I have to say thank you to Kyle for helping me out, thanks for the rakets Lord! Though it was just Gen Ad tickets, we really had a blast and lucky enough to jumped off the 7k seats from the highest Gen Ad seats! I told Kev to try our lucks in Upper or Lower Box and yes tumakbo talaga kami ng bongga kasi baka maubusan ng puslit! I wore my slippers and kept my high shoes inside my bag! Hahahaha! Funny and tiring! I don't know more about NKOTB even their songs but the second 90's boyband I love is BSB that's why I grabbed the opportunity to watched it with Kev as a birthday and Father's day gift for him. :) Thank you SM Arena, the staffs are cool and so nice!

I am overwhelmed with SM Arena! Like a world class event's place with some rockin' big lights! Totally amazing! Here's the opening number, click! And one of their sexiest number is here, you'll see the Azkals in this video, lol!


Kev had a haircut and shopped some stuffs first before we went to the concert, imagine kung gaano kalayo kami nung una! Scroll up to the 2nd photo then we went down.. (scroll down)

I know! I know! I know we were so lucky to see them clearly than earlier! If I had my DSLR and zoom lens with me, maybe lalong malakas tili ko and shared better photos with you guys, I am so sorry!

That outfits are sexy and so neat! Watch "I Want It That Way" here.

I was shrieking when they started to find 4 girls at the patron's corner! Super funny ni Nick, I like him 'cause he's like Bryan McFadden of Westlife na super makulit! I didn't know that he's like that. 'Til now I can't cease remembering when "Call Me Maybe" played, he sang crazily and with actions in the middle of the crowd, here's the video, please do watch! Tuwang tuwa ang lola mo eh! And I really HATE this girl in red, she's so lucky!!! Please watch the video here! Super tili ako sa inggit! You can hear my TILI here!

Some NKOTB photos, sorry I am not a fan kaya konting photos lang. :)

The crowd! Like them, I jumped, shriek and shout! I don't care!!!

The energy here was enthusiastic! I remember my kiddo days with their 90's moves! The best decade ever with good songs unlike now. Ugh you know what I mean, you could hear sex, money, fame in singers nowadays.  So sad, I wish 90's decade would have the opportunity to repeat and repeat!

Quit Playing Games With My Heart video here!
As Long As You Love Me video here!
All I Have To Give video here!

NKOTB favorite photo!

Great performance by NKOTB!

That bloody lights for "Everybody", watch video here!

It is so cute when they all opened the lights wearing Adidas jackets with Philippine flag logos on it! They closed the concert with an amazing number all together with heartwarming thank you's 'cause they chose Philippines as the last country to visit in their tour! 

Confetti all over! Awww I will miss 'em!

I hope Kev had a great time and glad that I'm with him with my first concert experience. Thank you God for this!

Thank you Kuya Eric for this photo! Though we were exhausted, I requested for a last pose. This is one of my best nights in my life, a night to remember with nostalgic nicely written songs. I am proud to be one of those 90's kiddos! Thank you Mom and Dad that you made me around in that decade! Hahaha! I almost cried when NKOTB asked who among the crowd were born in year 1989, Kev and I shouted ecstatically!

WESTLIFE, please do have a last concert here before you lads seriously focus on your families, I loathe that I didn't have a chance to see you guys in person, it's breaking my heart. :(
 I am indeed a Westlife fan, I am not ashamed of that!

I would probably go for 90's concerts rather than with newly singers we have. How about you guys, what do you prefer?

The parking were so traffic and unfortunately we're on the 6th floor 'cause we were late. Went home late 2am with Drive-Thru McDo chicken fillets. I am amazed and proud of SM Arena, I miss you Mall of Asia, see you soon probably in Uniqlo's opening on June 15!

I wore an ensemble of floral overload! Will repeat this outfit for an OOTD, I removed my shoes which I bought from Kryz Uy here 'cause the zippers are going down. Sad!

What happened last weekend lovies? :)
Anyhoo, the concert's still on my mind! How to get rid of this?

 Always & Forever,

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