Friday, February 1, 2013

Tagaytay | January 2013

One perfect sunny Wednesday in Tagaytay with my family, Kev's Mom and his grandmother. I was in a hurry picking up these pieces to wear on, I hope it turned out well for your eyes. Haha.
Katy wasn't sure of the place and a little bit scared of the view but I think she enjoyed the fresh air and kept on saying "WOW".
We had a good lunch at Pancake House, oh no no no diet!
 Sorry for the Instagram photos 'cause we forgot the camera and still
finding our 32gb SD card. Awww.
A Daddy's girl.  <3
Top: Forever 21, Leggings: Japan, Socks: Muji, Boots: Primadonna, Bag: Japan
Hello old boots! I remember myself walking around Taft and someone bumped at me asking if it's okay to take a picture of me in these boots, stockings and denim shorts. Hahaha! Good old days!
And here's my baby feeling the wind while sitting in a rock. :3
Taba faces! Tinamad mag muk ap!
Is it weird to see animals Katy? :))
Heart! <3
 Headed to Nuvali for some pizza and coffee. :) Thanks to Kev's Mom for bringing us to work in her errands yesterday. I have so many backlogs here on my laptop, I don't know if I'm going to share it 'cause it's too late but it's for my diary also. :) I want Katy to see all of these when she grows up and I think it's time to print all of our pictures and make a scrapbook again. Feels like high school! Oh yes! :))
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