Friday, February 1, 2013



Top : Forever 21
Leggings : Japan
Earrings & Bangle : Les' Moda
Boots : So! FAB

Last January 17, I had bonding time with Kev and Katy together with my stressful mind. That time, I didn't know what to do and asked Kev if we could get out somewhere far to unwind myself and have fun with them though he was tired at that time. I want to thank him for always supporting me in everything. Anyway, I will just continue this on my next post. Let's just dwell on my OOTD here, haha!

This old knitted top is one of my favorites when I shiver and rarely wear these boots from Kev 'cause it's always sunny here in our country. As we all know Nuvali and Solenad 2 are open places, it's always windy and cold that's why I came up with this ensemble. 

And my photographer slash my love has his own OOTD too. :)


  1. like the boots.. matches the top.. so cool!!

  2. gorgeous mami bells labs! ♥ P.S. ang ganda pa rin ng blonde hair ni Kevin! shet insecure ako sakanya! :))


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