Sunday, December 16, 2012

Katy's Birthday at Stacy's

(Katy's birthday photos here)

Sequined Peplum Top : Apartment 8
Leatherette Skirt : Forever 21
Bangle : Vanity Plum
Shoes : CMG
Nails : Nail It!

Hello lovies! Oh yes, another outfit post from the holiday season! I always find time on blogging but it's too hard these days. I miss posting everyday just like before. :) This outfit seems uncomfortable but it was not! I decided to come out with this ensemble for Katy's birthday over a pastel dress. I searched for my outfit in a week jumping in different malls like Megamall, Trinoma and North Edsa riding MRT, jeepneys and vans. My Mom scolded me again for being so mabusisi in terms of buying stuffs but she knows na sobrang matiyaga akong mag ikot ikot. I don't want to buy something pricey then bigla akong makakakita ng mura tapos maganda! I super hate that feeling, I know you do too!

So yeah, the last thing I bought here is my top which is too hard to decide for every girls. I also searched for one at Greenhills and said to myself, "this is the last time to search for my top!". I wasn't contented on Forever 21's tops or maybe it's too expensive, that's why! This V-shaped sequined front with back cut-out peplum top is 980 pesos but it's worth it. It's unique for me unlike buying lace. The sequined details are elegant but if you turn around it has cuts but I bought a basic tank top from Forever 21 for only 145 pesos because I don't want to look so daring kasi hindi naman ako kakinisan! Hahaha! Tsaka na pang may pang Belo na ako. Lol! As you can see here the top has see through thingy, I love it but was too shy to let it out hahaha because of my bloated tummy. :))

Anyway, after the Snoopy event which was one of my most exhausting day doing the video coverage, I passed at CMG's store. I was just window shopping when I noticed these pair of shoes that I always wanted to buy because of Kryz Uy's blog (here) while the other shoes I like worn by Cheyser Pedregosa (here) was out of stock. Bad thing is, I got to see one at SM Department Store na SALE rin but it's okay, I like this one rin naman and got it at cheaper price. :)

Good thing also that Nail It has always pastel blue/sea green, so it's all like pakners pakners with my earrings! Haha! I want to be elegant on Katy's birthday and I think gold works for me that's why the bangle from Vanity Plum is perfect for my pastel look! It's easy to wear, light, sparkling and classy! The skirt is so comfy and cheap lang from Forever 21. :) Last but not the least, I wanna thank Azta Urban Salon for my hair! I hope you like it lovies! Will blog more about my sponsors on the next posts.

How's your December? :)

Photos by : Rhea Tan Bue


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