Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Katy's 1st Birthday

 Heya guys! I am really excited to share with you my daughter's 1st Birthday party and Dedication! It's too hard to organize her photos and choose the best ones to put it on my blog. I wanna thank Rhea, Larisse and to other friends who helped us to capture Katy's wonderful moments. I can't cease thank-ing God for giving us such lovely friends and family filled with support throughout this year. 

(Poster: Bella & Kevin Productions, Floral Illustration: Iesel Armenio)
 These sponsors are so generous and trusted my blog obviously! Elisha Lauren is a fashion designer who loves to make dresses, head dresses and costumes for kids. She's behind Katy's pastel blue dress and head dress. She did a great job and I am really satisfied!

While Azta Urban Salon took care of Bella & Kevin Productions' hair cut and color. We are so grateful to have them as our sponsor! I feel so fresh with my face now because although I need a facial! Haha! I'm going to blog our experience at Azta's salon this week. :) They also gave our guests Gift Cards as one of our giveaways. Awesome right?!

I know you guys are always craving for sweets! Of course, we searched for the best-est dessert to give away after Katy's birthday which is macaroons from Bellefleur by Beatrix! With over 12 assorted flavors, our guests were so aggressive to get one!
For the event's place, we chose Stacy's which we just saw on Tricia Gosingtian's blog from her photoshoot for Candy Magazine.
Thanks Stacy's for this photo banner!

(B&W photos: Bella & Kevin Productions)
I dreamed of having a pastel party for Katy and thanks to Kev for saying "Yes"! I also want to thank his parents for the overwhelming support. :)
Did so many cupcake toppers but we had problems at the printing station, it's too big! You'll see the other designs below. 

(Cupcake Toppers: Bella & Kevin Productions)  
For the rope, it's from Daiso and the clips are from Divisoria.
 This part is supposed to be the photobooth part but the place is small and no one is standing and at the same time explaining (sana) what to do. What I did is, brought the bubble illustration boards to guests and asked to write something for Katy, pose for the Polaroid and we'll keep it as a souvenir. BTW, thanks to Emil for keeping the photos and Gian x Larisse for erasing the chalks on the bubble boards!
Thank you so much Rhea for these detailed photos! As well as being a bubbly friend with my friends. :) You're one of our "tropa" na! Haha!
My high school friend Jhelai and I were so shocked with these crowns because they are so cheap! We grabbed it from Divisoria. :)
 Found cheap frames for the "guides" during the party. Any guesses for the price? :) The fake flowers and the can at the back are from Landmark. :)
My favorite floral prints! Cath Kidston!
Daddy Kevin did these owls! Awww.
 The dessert table seemed delectable but the cake is missing! Ouch! As parents we were too busy taking care of Katy and the party, we don't know how the food taste like.
Oh look our lovely angel is here! I decided to match a yellow top, pink stockings and silver shoes for her dress. Isn't it cute? :)
The pastel blue family is here!
 Until now I can't believe that I am raising a child with Kev. I don't know how we survived a year with this cutie patootie, and it's because of our family and friends. We don't know what's gonna happen in the future but as long as the three of us are together, we know we can do anything with God. You guys are one of our inspirations and of course our parents in the first place.
Having a child is not a reason to leave our parents and go on with a new life. I believe that we, as daughters and sons are responsible to help and take care of them as they grow old. We made disappointments but for now, all we have to do is make them proud.
As Katy, grows old I want her to learn how to respect and treat people fairly. I know it's hard because we can't control the environment but Kev and I will try our best to keep her mind with positive thoughts and memories.
I love the fact that Katy is so malambing with us and naghahabol whenever we go out without her. Though it's heartbreaking to see her crying while we are leaving. It's so touching that she likes to play with us all the time. :)
Friends! Thank you so much for helping and for coming!
(Photo: Joone King)
(Photo: Joone King)
(Photo: Joone King)

Thank you so much King family for always listening, caring and loving us! Hope you did enjoy the party kahit I felt na hindi namin kayo masyado naasikaso. :)
Hi Mom! I told you to put make up on! I miss our bonding moments like going out kahit walang pinamili but filled with chikahan. We always survived window shopping! Hahaha! I hope you're happy now. 
Hello Grandmothers!
Katy is really a mang-gagaya!
Hello Ninang Jill and Ninong John! Thank you so much for coming! 
Sam, thank you so much for hosting the party and Emil for helping us out!
I cried watching Katy's AVP but sobrang pigil 'cause I know that if I cry mga 1 hour after ako matapos that's why I don't want to thank ng mahaba or mag speech kasi I know how my eyes and heart goes. Sorry! Hehe. 
After the "Bring Me" game, we tried the "Pinoy Henyo : Celebrity Edition"! I know it wasn't that good but hope these guys liked the prizes hahaha! I have so much games in my mind but no one will organize it. On Katy's next birthday, We'll hire people to help us. :)
 These macho guys are so close with our baby! Thank you mga gwapo!
I am so in love with these photos! Katy's smile here is PRICELESS!
I would like to thank Louie and Ian for helping us in covering the event in videos. Will just edit it and share it with you guys this month!
 Finally, a photo with Ninang Jing, Tita Nikki and rest of the King's!
Yay! I am so happy that I saw Tara, Ish, Mau and my Aunts at the party pero ang dami ko pang gustong makita. :(
 Thank you so much for coming Ning, Boom and Sean! :*
Hello friends! Please guide Katy with good influences while she grows up! :))
I decided to use all the cups I bought from Divisoria and post it papers for Katy's giveaways with Bellefleur by Beatrix macaroons together with Azta Urban Salon's gift cards. Good decision or not? :)
Ready for the polaroid? :)
 These peeps ordered frappuccinos from the store besides Stacy's before going to house. Thank you Emil for the frap na sobrang haba na binagay mo!
Katy, I know that you're not aware of your birthday but you're gonna see these photos when you grow up. I hope you'll love the smiles you have here. Please don't grow faster. I still love seeing you walk with your teetering toes. Sorry Katy, I can't go on naiiyak ako eh sabi ko sa inyo masama ako umiyak. Hahaha! Anyhoo, will share what happened after this party on the next posts! Thank you so much for reading this! <3

(Full photos HERE!)

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  1. Awwwwwww this is sweet. I know Katy will appreciate it more once she gets a little bit older. :)

  2. Awww so sweet! She's really cute too! Wish her all the best in life! :)

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  3. aww.. I know I'm already old but i would love to have a birthday party like this one! Full of pastel colors! belated happy birthday to your daughter! She's really cute.

  4. ang cute ng baby! happy birthday to her. ang cool ng place! pink ref. <3

  5. Happy Birthday Katy! Sweet party for your princess. :D

  6. Yay! Just saw and read this post! I feel you! Everything was priceless! <3


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