Monday, September 3, 2012

23rd Birthday With Friends

Guys, I am so sorry for the delay of this post though my birthday was 22nd of August, anung petsa na diba? Hehe! Well you should visit my first and second post from my birthday week before reading this one!

My birthday eye make up! Hahaha kelangan meganon? Lol!

While Kev was yawning, I said "ahhhh" too! This pic is so funny for me! :))

Cute polo right? :)

Missed Zark's so much! Anung diet diet? I remember eating this when I was pregnant hahaha! Tababoy!

Crazy friends! Thank you so much for celebrating with me though it was KKB! HAHAHA!

Emil loves Fish and doesn't want any fat in his body! I wish ganon rin ako!

Thank you to Pebs for giving me this though we have the same birthday! I really appreciate gifts!

Wearing denim top from Paula's closet, Lee shorts, Forever 21 earrings and Unisexy shoes!

Grabbed Ice Creams from a Korean store beside SDA.

I miss drinking at Central! I remember my ecstatic and sad moments here. This place never failed to amused me!

Emil is one of my craziest, funniest and parang naka drugs sa sobrang hyper na friend ko!

My lasinggera and creative friend, Louie!

Central gave a birthday meal with Blowjob drink (which is my first time) kaya inaalis ko yung straw sa apoy hahaha! Noob! Si Louie may gawa nito eh! Haha! And that friggin' banana with chocolate on it! They wanted me to lick and swallow it!

Ang asawa kong hindi umiinom.

Thank you so much guys for always entertaining whenever nasa Taft ako and andiyan kayo lagi, isang text ko lang! Love you guys, you made my 23rd birthday though I really miss Cavite and my home! :(

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a lot of fun on your special day! And cute nga nung picture niyo na parehong naka :O. Haha. Love your birthday eye make up din. Very flawless. :D


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