Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wanderlust + Tokyo Cafe

This post is way too late from my birthday week! Have you seen the first one? Check it here, please? Thanks! Haha! Fact that Kev and I loves road trip, here are some photos from Makati to Bonifacio High Street to SM Fairview. What a day right?! Swollen feet for Kev? Hmmm, maybe? And I am sorry! We had no plans for that day but it was awesome. Before we had an overnight stay at Mandarin Hotel, I printed maps for Makati Cinema Square which ukay ukay there is big and Little Tokyo. But my plan was complicated so Kev suggested the Venice Piazza which I wanted to visit too! Click here for my outfit post with Venice Piazza's amazing place. Again, Kev never failed to make me happy especially with foods! He loves to spoil me even unhealthy ones lol! So there enjoy Tokyo Cafe dishes and starve yourselves, like I am now! Argh! Will post some of my birthday photos very soon!

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  1. Your foodie pictures look so tasty :) I'm hungry just flicking through this post!

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  3. Wow. When I saw the photos at first, I thought you were in some other country. Nice photos ha. :)

    The food looks yummy! Ano yung nasa baba nung Venice Piazza menu? Interesting.

  4. I love love TOKYO CAFE <3 Their foods are very comparable to DENNY's in Japan that's why whenever I miss the foods there, I always visit this cafe *wink

    Stay gorgeous sweetie :)
    Lucky you for having an awesome partner in life
    Stay in love



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