Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bike Haus PH | Photoshoot

Bike Haus, an online store for all bicycle needs has officially opened! Hope you can visit the page and click the like button. Leave a message if you’ve got inquiries.

Eric King, the owner of Bike Haus PH asked me to do Mark's make-up, I didn't refuse though I'm not a pro and I really don't know how to put a foundation perfectly on a guy's face. I hope it turned out well.

Kuya Eric with baby Katy! :3

Cute and colorful accessories for different layouts.

Awesome shoes from Aldo, Kuya Eric got it for 800 only! Amazeballs!

Magazines for inspiration!

Cool clothes for Mark.

I love biking since I was a kiddo, my kind of "playtime" in Cavite whenever we were on vacations. I still have a scar on my knee, a mark that shows how I had an amazing childhood. I am lucky for not having Ipad, PS3 and laptop at that time. I hope everyone knows how to be healthy and fit. A bike is a great companion of a good lifestyle! 

Here's a teaser for you guys! Kevin did the photographs and Kuya Eric for styling and directing. Don't forget to Like their page for more informations and news! Are you a bike lover? Tell us your stories on the comment box below. :)

Bonus photo from my Instagram! (@bellamorcen)
Watch Mark in Cge Tv In Da Loop every midnights. :)


  1. wow! nice shot! xD you are a pro! xD hihi

  2. I love how it ended up! I think it looks so pro :D


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