Monday, June 18, 2012

Uniqlo | Opens at MOA

After meeting up my CSB friends at SDA and styling in Snoopy, it came to our mind that day was the opening of Uniqlo's first branch here in Philippines. I just knew the brand when I visited Japan last year 2010, my Aunt said that for them it's cheap, basic but with good quality. She bought me a good pair of light blue jeggings and still wearing it!

We were shocked entering MOA's first floor with people carrying Uniqlo paper bags with not just one but three or more! I know it's pay day but Filipinos obviously welcomed the Japanese brand.

First came to our minds, "saan yung pilang yan? sa Uniqlo? grabe naman!"

While on the line, we kept ourselves entertained instead of just standing and waiting for the entrance. Naghintay lang naman kami ng 1 hour!

Right side

Left side

Parallel to Uniqlo's store. As in yung haba ng MOA, ganun yung pila. Double!

The ambassadors!

It's getting near!

An eye candy human Statue of Liberty at Kiehl's, he's so funny and awesome!

What you will see at the entrance.

They gave us baskets, some of the crews are purely Japanese. I've had encounter a guy and said "hindi po pwedeng isa lang?" I am asking for the socks in 3 pairs and replied, "Oh, I am Japanese, sorry" I forgot to utter, "Daijobou!" HAHA! In fairview, marunong mag English si Koya!

Kev and I getting vain in this mirror!

Cashier area.

He was looking for a cute blue shirt na nakita niya from Uniqlo's Facebook. Bibilhin ko sana as a gift but the lines are uber haba!

All Barbie!

All items on 590 pesos only! Even skinny jeans!

As I've said, lines on the cashiers are were so long and we don't have time for it.

Instead I got Les' Moda a gift, just a cheap sketchbook for our next collection. I am currently using it for designs and ideas. That Quickly is my forever favorite.,Coffee Jelly FTW! 

Besides Uniqlo is Forever 21, I am waiting for you!!!

Extra photo of my asawa!

Would you visit Uniqlo or not? What are your views? Share!

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  1. In already visited on the 2nd day of their opening sale. I even blogged about it already! hahaha. My Uniqlo experience, overall, was super fun. We waited in line as well. It was also as long as yours but we didn't wait for an hour. We only waited for like 20 mins. :)) Super fast phase. Then we were given baskets and picked whatever we like. Since it was almost 7pm, most of our sizes were out of stock! Then for the fitting room, there's a line again. Same goes for the cashier. But ofcourse it didnt stop us from shopping. It was what we went to MOA for! Hehe. In the end, we were able to buy the stuffs we like and when I looked at the time, we spent two hours inside Uniqlo! Overmega! HAHA.

    1. Grysh I replied on your site, hahaha!

  2. bakit di tayo nagkita belle? i really hope to meet you soon :)
    MARIS & FIRMOO Giveaway on The Bargain Doll! :)

    1. I guess I was late. We'll meet very soon! If we have same invites go-gora ako wag lang gabi. :)


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