Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spontaneous Meeting with CSB Friends

I did quick styling for Garfield last Friday then headed at CSB, SDA to fetch Kev haha! It came to our mind that it was the opening of Uniqlo's first branch here in Philippines and please wait for our experience on the next post while this one is filled with my CSB friends' faces as well as mine! 

I miss SDA! I've seen lotsa new faces and few old faces, I indeed reminisced for 30 minutes waiting for them. I can actually feel who are frosh in heels and old students with flats in CSB. I kind of missing the days when I wear something summer-y, it rains and if I wear cardigans or long sleeves, it is scorching. Oh God why? I miss the alikaboks too!

Please eat Ian!

Please cut off your hair Pebs!


Bleh with Louie! I miss your shrieking voice at the condo!

Something's awkward?

On our way to MOA.

Ate again and again and again at Pizza Hut 'cause it's cheap and with good selections!

Guys, I am missing y'all so bad! The inuman, kulitan, ingayan, sakitan, iyakan days at the condo and inside the school! Thank you guys for missing me too and I always treasure our school days. Please magkita tayo kahit once a month, let's keep our lives updated and keep in touch!

And of course they're not only my friends in CSB, I have big boxes of it! You know who you are, y'all know that I love and miss you guys!

Uniqlo's the next post!

Always & Forever,

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  1. I miss my DLSU friends while reading this blog post. Haha. We used to hang out together a lot. Though we talk and we see each other atleast once a year, I felt like the distance between us grew. It is hard to be with them nowadays. -_-


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