Saturday, May 26, 2012

Superb Bazaar

 It was the 3rd day of Superb Bazaar when Kev and I visited SMX, we took advantage of his free time from school and spent his 200 pesos for our entrance tickets.
The place is nice and clean but it's quite hot! Below are the photos with the stuffs I loved inside the bazaar. Tomorrow's the last day, come with a 100 peso for the entrance ticket!


I need all of this colors in my closet!

I really really like the second one with the violet, black and green touch!

Who loves neon shoes?

Summer's isn't over with these bright accessories!

That cropped top!


Good design!

I love all of these!!!

Texted Vern if she's in the bazaar too and fortunately she is! We met and gave her payment for the blog revamp. Thanks Vern, we went home with bag and some stuffs because of you! She's really hyper in person, you were right Vern!

Awkward legs!

Had a little chit chat with Marj Sia about cosmetics and other stuffs. She likes my necklace, thanks Mel's Collection! Thank you!

Junk Studio, I love you!

All right, and this is heaven for me! You know that I love this color right?!

The bones!

I want to buy one of these shades for Kev!

Swear, I adore these unique shoes but it's expensive. I know! It really fits me!

While buying a speedy bag.

I want all of these colors but I chose the 3rd one. What's yours?

What we bought? Kev's cross necklace.

My new bag! Finally! But I miss buying Egg bags!

Crown necklace for Kev, ribbon for Katy, falsies and glue for me!

Calling cards we received at the bazaar! Definitely good finds with cheap prices! Hurry hurry hurry now! I really love bazaars, isn't it obvious? So how's your weekend lovies?

Always & Forever,


  1. Great photos! :) i was there, too!

    Please join my birthday give-away

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Hope you did enjoy the bazaar!


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