Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family Day

Again, Shakey's it is! My family strolled around at North Edsa last last week, sorry for the late post. Been so busy! Do you love mojos? Just a trivia, I can cook mojos and last 2008, my tummy bloated from eating mojos in midnights while doing friendster layouts!
My favorite soup of all time! Chicken and Corn!
Haggard peys! Katy, you wanna eat?
My life.
Gravy galore? Oh no taba!

Love your eyes!
Bihira lang ako pa picture sa mga celebs pero when I saw Petra inside Forever 21 while we were canvassing, I hesitated at first pero wala lang, nagpa-piktyur ako! Haha!

Katy's new toys!
I love every minute when the three of us are always together! Thanks God!

Always & Forever,

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