Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gifts and Video shoot

A happy and tiring day just happened last March 30, Friday. Louie came here for a video shoot she had done with me. A make-up tutorial like Michelle Phan's, we call it Michelle Phan-ish or "panis". Haha! I was kind of hyper 'cause I miss Louie and our bondings together when we were in the condo last year. Then Kuya Eric (Kev's brother) were here that day too and we received some pasalubongs again!

For Katy! We love Mothercare's fabric!

I love the palettes! Katy's so cute whenever she wear these! 

Kuya Eric saw Louie then he gave a box of cookies for her and an external drive for me. Thank God!

Kev, Louie and I fell in love with the cookies! The filling tastes like Nutella. It's from Healthy Options.

While waiting for the right time to shoot at the living room, Louie took a nap first.

Oopsiee! I miss Louie sleeping beside me when we were in the condo! Wait for the make-up tutorial and some Funshoots we did at 12am to 5am. Hahaha! Just like a slumber party with our empty tummies! Thank you too Louie for the free Mcdo delivery you paid for me and Kev!

Always & Forever,

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