Monday, March 19, 2012

Tricia Gosingtian x Les' Moda

Thank  you Tricia Gosingtian for wearing Les' Moda's Leopard leggings! It looks good on you! The quality of these pair has an overwhelming texture that you'll surely love! The size fits 24 to 26 waistlines. It's perfect for black or nude semi-dreses. Want a pair? Visit Les' Moda and enjoy your shopping! Click here for the lovely leggings.

Boxing the leggings for Tricia! We picked a vintage box and bought a string to complement the gift. It's always a good feeling when you're giving to someone stuffs that you love.

What's inside? Leggings, letter, Les' Moda sticker, ring and Bella & Kevin business card. The box is perfect for the leggings! It's so cute!

It was the first time we experienced Xend! So cheap and they will pick your package from your home! So practical and no hassles right? The Manong is so kind and friendly too!  

He gave me plastics and forms for the next pick up schedules! So easy and it saves time. I recommend Xend for ecommerce than LBC. Their fee is way expensive but as far as I know the owner of Xend is the same as LBC's. Seeing these plastics gave a boost for our shop! Visit Les' Moda lovies! Hope you'll love our pieces. :)

Always & Forever,

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