Saturday, March 3, 2012

Supersale Bazaar | March 2012

Hi lovies! Again I embraced the wet exchange happened at the World Trade Center for Supersale Bazaar! This is my first time in the said event. I am so happy that Kev brought me there earlier with our baby Katy. Though it was so hard to handle the lane while walking thru the aisles with a stroller. We still survived the afternoon and finished it with a smile on our faces. I hope Kev was okay, knowing that it's a girl thing, he knows what I want and I am grateful for that. :)
On our way to WTC, it was a nice afternoon without any hindrances! I mean, TRAFFIC. :) It took an hour from Batasan Hills to Pasay!
The first photo I had that day, I didn't bring my DSLR 'cos I know it's gonna be hard taking pictures with it and holding Katy's stroller. I just borrowed Kev's Iphone. :)
DAS' booth! Effin purdy shoes they got there as well as Gold Dot!
Poor photo here. So sorry for the photos 'cos we were in a hurry. The people were around us and as I said our priority was Katy. :)
Outside the bazaar while Katy's looking around the place. Almost all of the women inside looked at her and said, "ang cute ng baby!" with a smile on their faces. :)
I apologize for the photos I had. I know it's few but I promise that you'll enjoy the bazaar! Great finds! We saw Lissa Kahayon wearing a red skirt. :) I did feel the rage on my bod like I felt when I was in Shibuya 109!
The stamp. I almost forgot! The entrance fee costs 100 pesos and I promise, it's worth it!
What's this? A receipt? No! Maybe a ticket. Hahahaha! :)
The sellers will you give you guys their calling cards. I was a fool for not bringing our calling cards (Bella&Kevin)! I only had two and kinapalan ko mukha ko and gave it to other sellers. :)
The 250 pesos sheer top! Just wanna share to you guys that Gifts Ahoy's owners are Kev's high school friends. I met them at the bazaar. :)
The 280 dotty top! Unfortunately, di ko nakita yung sira sa gilid. :|
The 650 pesos brown blazer. I really bought this without hesitation 'cos the other blazers cost 1,000 and up! It's simple yet good for a practical buyer. :)
The free bag! Again, UNFORTUNATELY, wala siyang tali pero yung iba meron! Yung akin wala! Hahaha. :)
Fisheye! Haha! So guys? What are you waiting for? Get ready tonight for Supersale Bazaar's last day tomorrow at WTC! It starts at 10am to 9pm. The food booths are around so don't worry if you feel the crocodile on your stomach waiting. :) Lastly, you'll see the banner I did for PROPS in their booth. Thanks for reading!

Always and Forever,

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