Friday, March 23, 2012

New is the word

New chapter of life, new obligations, new blog, new business. As I was getting vain in Kev's car while he was inside Chevrolet Edsa, it was a nostalgic feeling when I hold a camera and point it on my bloated face. It is my hobby and a must in everyday life since I went college. Nowadays, it's not a priority anymore to get vain and include it on my chores. It's odd for now and will definitely get used to it. I love this self-portrait shot because I love the sun's light in front, it gives a drama effect and a natural photo. I didn't edit the colors and such on Photoshop, way impossible for me? Haha! 'Cause you know how I love editing my photos and turning it vintage-y.

This day, March17, 2012. A new business came out. Feeding myself and Kev a fashion world. We named it Les' Moda with the meaning of "the" and "fashion". Though it's very rare for me to buy branded items with their original prices, I am still updated with the help of Japanese magazines, local magazines and fashion bloggers. 

(Scarf from Les' Moda)
You'll see me wearing simple clothes and maybe judge me that I am poor in selecting it. The truth is I'm always in a tight budget, If I was rich and shopping every week, I am definitely a fashion blogger now like Tricia G. I am not conceited, I am just telling the world that I adore fashion and this will stay in my blood. 

I left my Tumblr blog and for the memories we have shared, it is treasured! I will miss customizing and getting irritated every now and then that's why I switched here in blogspot. The features here are amazeballs and so friendly!

Our business turned out real from my wild imaginations. We're praying for the success and for the love of audience, you guys are the inspiration as well our families. I just noticed that my nose up there is a little bit bigger than before, maybe this is what you get after giving birth aside having stretchmarks. Hahaha. Nonsense. But thanks for reading!

Always and Forever,

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