Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mall Feet

Rainy Thursday. We decided to go out and leave Katy for a while using King family's Ford 'cause Kev's Chevy have problems from an accident just this month. We were along the Commonwealth and someone bumped into his car. Sick.
 Bed weather. It means the sedentary weather, the making love weather and the sleepyhead weather.

Are raindrops make you emotional? When I was a commuter, I miss my old friends by just reminiscing our good old days while I'm in a van or bus. It's sad sometimes but Papajack (a DJ on Love Radio)  makes my travel moments so joyful in a way. 


Hello to my freakin' hair! I am not in love with my current hair.  My long black shiny hair faded, it is indeed a tremendous heartbreak!

Everyday Mcdo, everyday bloated! 

I like how this part of Mcdo looks like an office, not a fast food restaurant. Sorry I don't have more focused photos of the chairs. They're so nice!

Our dessert? Unhealthy fries!

Hi Xian? Gimme that Mcfloat!

That stick figures brought back my elementary years.

Yes. Toys for the big boys! 

Hahaha we were laughing when these kids were touching the toys. The man on the left part was a bit worried. LOL!

I hate Coke, yes. I love Coffee, of course!

He wants a new hairstyle! I want the middle part of his head go blonde, way better than a full blonde. I am planning in having an ombre too! I am craving for it since year 2012 started!

I badly want this dress! I don't like the top that much but the skirt's palette made me squeak!

Just vain. Crochet top from Forever 21 and bodycon skirt from Les' Moda.

I know you love this!

And this one too!

A random fake bokeh. LOL! Mall feet is a usual thing for me. You know how much I love window shopping and I don't care how much time I am consuming. My eyes hunger for new trends in fashion. Malls for me are my spa though we know it is tiring. 

We ended the day at SM Manila with Kev's Mom, got some massive groceries. Had a small dinner in the car with Rice Snacks! Like a kiddo! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more "mall feet" stories.

Always & Forever,

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