Friday, March 30, 2012

En Route

My thoughts on this travel is so tiring and ecstatic! From the day we knew that I am pregnant. Kev and I sticked a double sided tape between our hands. We were always together (of course, until now), eating, shopping, walking and drive trips. I am used in that kind of situation until after 3 months I gave birth to Katy. It was happy indeed. Now, without him whenever I go out is a sad thing unlike before, I was fond of being alone in malls.

 My route on this day were from Quezon City to Cavite to Manila and Quezon City.

I chose MRT, LRT and Bus on this trip. When I stepped inside the MRT, I am nervous and I don't know what to think of myself. Scared, unusual or something new? It's almost a year that I hadn't experienced being a commuter. I was fed up by a sidecar driver in Baclaran who wanted 70 pesos for his service. It is fun! I miss Baclaran, the crowd, the smell and the pollution!

I miss balancing myself whenever I am in the aisle and seeking for an available seat! Running and shouting, "Quirino?", "Bacoor?". Back then, everyday I am tired of this routine but now, I thought of it as an exercise and a funny experience in everyday life.

If you're a commuter, you'll tell yourself that this is sh*t. In my opinion, being one of not owning a personal car, this is the way of seeing how people work with their errands, the effort of selling foods, rags and toys on the road is unbelievable. 

When you drive your own car, you focus on stop lights, other cars and stuffs but when you're a commuter, everything under the sun is a must see.

Haven't been in Cavite for a long long time, So this is the updated road from Coastal to Bacoor. The Cavitex is now existing, but I heard it is awesome! I wanna try a road trip there with Kev and maybe with Katy too. 

The ring I bought for myself and another one I gave to Tricia G. Floral prints are major love!

A new Mcdo built in Bacoor! I should eat here since our favorite unhealhty food nowadays is Chicken Fillet! Yum! I find Mcdo's new design today is so elegant and cozy! Wood is a plus!

Cutie patootie bags! Pastels, vintage and so on! Do you guys like these? If yes, tell me so we could buy these and wait for it on Les' Moda's page!

Inside the tricycle from Nikita Lim's crib in Cavite. :) I was with Prima when I was bound in Cavite, I have waited for her at SM Bacoor and yes I finally saw the Starbucks there, the one I've been waiting for but unfortunately we didn't have time to sip a coffee.

I'm in love with my feather earrings! I got it from Forever21 with a reasonable price. I miss having self-portrait shots with a friend!

Trending this summer. 

Lace is a must this summer!

Mcdo, mcdo, mcdo. Everyday we eat Mcdo.

There's a new Mall built in Manila, The Lucky Chinatown Mall. Not yet finished with expensive stores like Mango, Payless, Cotton on, Aldo ang much more! Kev and I are waiting for Cotton on!

Then again, with my ngarag look after that tiring walks we had. Thanks to my slippers, sponsored by my stepfather. An Ipanema black and white from (i don't know) country. LOL.

Gonna visit this mall again maybe after the other stores are done. I promise to you guys that this is elegant, like an Ayala Mall and a lot of Chinese peeps are here!

We ended the day at Starbucks, thanks Prima for the treat! Their branch in Lucky Chinatown is like an office and a lot of professionals were chillin'

Thank you for reading! 

Always and Forever,

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