Sunday, October 7, 2012


Last September 22 we had a spontaneous meeting at NAIA 1 around 10:30 PM but we decided to go out at 6 PM. You know.. traffic! It was really early right? Kev's always craving for Bon Chon and had dinner at Technohub branch and saw Mezza Norte there with lotsa of tents. The foods were delectable but we didn't buy. Kinukulit ko si Kev to visit Nail It! Katipunan but you know.. traffic!!! He said that it's okay to change my polish at Centris branch though may bayad but of course sayang! Maybe you're confused as of the moment 'cause I have an unlimited services at Nail It! but two of their branches aren't included like Centris. Why unlimited? Because we did a video advertisement for them and an upcoming video from their Slumber Party event. So there, after arriving at the airport we had another dinner at KFC and waited for hours 'til 12 AM for a meeting with my Aunt's friend all the way from Japan. She even ordered items from our shop Les' Moda and was shocked kasi may gift siya for our baby. Yes Hello Kitty though it's big! I felt nostalgic from Hello Kitty, shoes and other items for children 'cause my Aunt used to give me those wrapped in an EMS thing. Gah, I miss those moments, sleeping with gifts beside me and dreaming of it too. When we got home, Katy woke up and I gave her the shoes! You think she likes it? I think she does!

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