Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spontaneous Date w/ ISHRM Friends

You guys don't know how much I love all of the girls I have when I was studying HRM before taking Multimedia Arts. They know how to laugh at my jokes, listening to my voice while on the karaoke at Quantum, to tame me with all of my rants and of course I've had so many "puppy love" problems and they didn't leave me hanging. Now, we don't have much time to bond unlike before na after class, SM Bacoor agad.. Tambay sa foodcourt, kwentuhan lang. Diretso Quantum para mag karaoke. Punta sa isang bahay para uminom at magkwentuhan magdamag. Iyakan, aminan at kung anu anu pang kagaguhan hehe. Sorry baka mapuno ko 'to with all of my ecstatic experiences, well I'll make a novel for that! Paghahandaan ko lang ha? 

Anyhoo, we had spontaneous catching up at Alabang Town Center na sobrang layo na sakin. I had to meet my Aunt's friend for a package. I missed this place where I used to unwind pag brokenhearted ako. The place is now filled with delectable restaurants and sosyal stores. We ate like there was no tomorrow! Although our time wasn't that long, I treasured it so much. Lalo ko na-miss best friend ko and iba pa naming close friends na mga nasa ibang countries na. We have a big group and I still love each one of them. Guys, miss ko na kayo lahat. :)


  1. Teddy miss n dn kita..hehehehehe

  2. Hi! Would you like to Follow each other? Thank's! :)
    Kisses from VV!!


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