Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Katy's Day!

Who doesn't love Sundays with family? Of course we do! Specially if Katy's around but what's that face baby?
We were starving like hell! Just like the usual Kev and I were debating on who must choose a restaurant to eat. After 15 minutes walking around Serendra, we scanned Mogu's menu and there you go!
While waiting for our orders, Katy can't cease biting these chopsticks 'cause she has now 8 teeth! Wow baby that's awesome but more laway to come!
This beef curry tastes like the authentic one well I must say it's indeed! I'd love to eat this every single day but my wallet says no! Huhu!
Oh yeah Nori for the win! I remember eating Nori strips infront of my HRM classmates and they said "Ano ka Ara, alien? Kumakain ng papel?" Same with Kev so he gave me that Nori thing on that Katsudon.
I remember eating like this one in Japan. Very thin and crispy!
Vegetable rice for Katy. Yes she loves veggies. :3
Hmmm, pizza?
Hello baby!
One of the best family pic we have. <3
Daddy and Katy
 Katy loves the rat at Hobbes & Landes.
Katy, why so adorable?
Grabbed coffee, read magazines and savored the moment.
Katy kept on eating her Dad's donut. Ooops baby no to sweets!
Thank you Daddy Kev for bringing us here! And for Mogu, you're now part of our family. We'll come back to you over and over again! <3

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  1. The baby is so cute! spending with family is so fun! :D yummy foods! xD

    xoxo. http://www.ostarey.info/

  2. Ang cute ni Katy! :) Pwede daw ba sya ligawan ni Z? :)

    XO, Mish


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