Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lunch at Venice


Button Down : Forever 21
Shorts : D's Couture
Bracelet : GQ PinkCloset
Ring : Chicify

Have you guys experienced the Venice Piazza at McKinley? Well, if you're aiming for that international feel, you should try it! The place is so relaxing, quiet and of course clean! After our overnight stay at Mandarin Oriental Hotel (which I'll blog about later), we decided to find this place and had a lunch. Alright, so we're gonna focus on my outfit post for a while.

This button down blouse is really for my birthday, I mean birth date but my clothes weren't enough for our overnight stay kaya nasuot ko siya before my birthday haha! This has been my most expensive item from Forever 21 which I pulled out from my own pocket but it's really worth it! Thank God I have this shorts to match it but sorry I was just wearing Ipanema! Hahaha! I prefer gold than silver but I love the mixing of my accessories here! What can you say about it? Comment below and don't forget to hype! More posts about my birthday week in a bit!

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  1. The place is really good! :)

    Please visit my online shop. We sell accessories at low prices.

  2. ooh. I haven't tried it yet xD love your outfit though! so lovely! :D

  3. Love the place too <3 Went there the other day *wink
    Love love the top sweetie :) So gorg!

    Wishing you all the best on your birthday


  4. uyy <3 you got me fooled. i thought you're in venice talaga haha :D
    looking fab as always sis ♥ i love your top!

  5. I love your bag!♥ Nice shots, by the way :)

  6. oh my :"> inlove ako sa top mo!

  7. Hyped your look! I love it! I love how it matched the buildings behind you! <3 Loving the outfit! Everything is so mixed well. :) Belated happy birthday! <3 I'm sure you had a great day! ^o^

    I fanned and hyped your look on lookbook btw!


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