Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Gifts 2013

What kept me busy last night eh yung mag wrap ng simple gifts for people around me, pero half or 1/4 palang ata yung mga nabili ko. So another 3 hours of wrapping again next time. :)) I didn't buy gift wraps kasi kulang na ako sa budget so yung mga paper bags nalang ng Les' Moda yung ginamit ko with matching pastel blue paper, red ribbon and tags from Les' Moda again. So super recycle or tipid talaga siya. I want din kasi na same same lang yung itsura nung gifts kaya ayun. :p Of course I had a great time doing these dahil since elementary I love having scissors, pens, notes, papers and tapes with my side.

Anyhoo, Christmas eve for me is having terrible Allergic Rhinitis, working on rush projects, on a traffic to get a coffee because I'm too sleepy, worrying that my tummy will bloat 3 times as it is later in Noche Buena and lazy to doll up. :)) What's yours? 

Merry Christmas everyone! <3

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