Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bride's Bliss

Bride's bliss! <3

So this post is about The Creative People's bride and to relate this photo of her, I'll share some photos of our workout day! Rovie gave me and Louie free passes to 360 fitness which is sobrang sulit at ang sakit ng katawan namin sa Circuit training and Yoga. Ang tindi Teh! :)) Pero I love it kahit minsan natutumba ako. :)) Then after 2 hours of staying there, Rovie treated us at Bubble Tea with awesome foods na parang nasayang yung workout namin! Hahahahaha! I had fun girls! Let's do this again. <3 Aaaannnddd plan plan plan for more projects!

[sorry for the iphone photos, wala akong dalang dslr]


  1. Naloka naman ako may stolen shot pa ako ng "working out" :D haha!! Amishooo babe! super sorry ha, pinaworkout ko kayo tapos pinalamon after haha!

    1. HAHAHAHA sobrang enjoy kami Teh! Kita kits soon! LABSHUUU!

  2. yey!! so happy for you!! :D ipagpatuloy mo yan! :D


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