Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bazaar For All Season | Day 1

 Hello lovies! It's been a while since I blogged here and I so miss sharing stuffs to all of you! It wasn't my intention that I left this for a while because I am too busy with Les' Moda, online clients and helping Kev and our friends in their film thesis. Anyhoo, I'm beginning to rant on what happened at Bazaar For All Season's first day! Kev and I are very grateful that Rhea Tan Bue allowed us to collaborate with her booth, Bellefleur by Beatrix and also her friends. :)
We were prepared for the designs though it's impromptu to unite them all because we only had 3 hours to prepare it. Grateful that my Mom helped me the night before the bazaar for last minute polishing. Thanks Mama, I'm sure she's proud. :3
 For the first day, half of the sunnies are shown same with wallets, bags, arm candies, accessories and cropped tops. :)
 While Rhea is selling dainty Floral Headdresses perfect for our Sunnies! And I gained a new friend, her name is Zel. She's Rhea's work mate, parang matagal na kami magkilala kasi I didn't struggle to communicate with her. ;)
We didn't know na ire-rent pa pala yung tent that's why it's skeleton lang haha and Rhea forgot the white curtain. My Mom finally met Rhea and she helped me bringing all these stuffs inside the location because Kev ran immediately after niya kami hinatid kasi may 8am class pa siya but thank God we did a great job in our booth. :)
Peeps at Kat Valdez' booth in our right side. 
It's Bea and Kim Atienza of Bellefleur by Beatrix! Finally met them and got a chance to say thank you for Katy's birthday in her macaron giveaways. :3
They gave us a Tiffany blue cupcake! <3
Dainty collaboration! YAY! Les' Moda x Rhea Tan Bue x Bellefleur <3
Naubos lahat ng business cards!
Proud of these tags <3
To order DIY sunnies, get one here!
Macarons with Arm Candies!
Accessories <3
Kawawa laptop ko, nagp-play siya buong araw with Phoebe's BTS video in our Summer Collection 2013. :))
Hello Zel!
The cork board and ladder. <3
Our packaging station ;)
One of my special friends visited us at the booth all the way from Cavite! <3 Hello Tarz!
Kev arrived after lunch with Jolibee and Chatime for us. Yay! Thanks Labs!
Brought my nail polish from The Face Shop and Zel borrowed it, ayun same kaming lahat! :))
Thank God for the successful Bazaar for day 1! This is one of our happy days! <3

Full PHOTOS (80)!
Please add Les' Moda also! <3


  1. glad to see you had fun there sis! I would love to have those super cute sunglasses and floral headband too! haha

  2. are you guys going to have this on may again? I wanna visit it.. there's such a lot of good stuff I wanted to get at the pictures :)

  3. Aww, you have the best photos Mamibells <3 Love everything you sold at the Bazaar! Too bad I wasn't there - I would have the greatest time sana. Anyway, I really wanted some of those sunnies and the floral headbands!

  4. so cute! The tent, your setup,, everything looked amazing! Perfect collab with rhea!

  5. omg these shades are perfect! Sana may pink hahaha Kapangalan ko pa! hehehe sadly out of stock! :((((((( pls let me know once it is instock na <3


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