Friday, February 15, 2013

Vday 2013

Valentine's Day celebration for me was very spontaneous. Kev's hard drives were in trouble and I didn't know how to keep calm. He said, kung pwede ko daw ba siya samahan sa school kasi baka hindi siya maka-drive ng maayos sa inis. I thought magiging normal day lang yung Vday namin but it turned out a "pig out day"!
 For the past weeks, I've been craving steak from Raps! Kasalanan kasi 'to ni Gem, pinatikim kasi niya ako ng Porterhouse last time. Huhu!
Yes you can drink this gravy, haha!
Before our meal has been served, Albie Casino was on my side. I didn't know that he's studying in CSB kung hindi pa sinabi ni Kev. I just remember this guy with the baby issue. Haha, anyhoooo, hmm..
Then sinabi ko kay pinsan na nasa Taft ako, then we had a triangle date. Haha!
Unfortunately, she has a 6 to 9 pm class because I wanted to bring her with us. Ooops, sorry sa mataba kong face sa taas!
 And this is how I endorse Cases For Your Gadgets Iphone5 case. Hahaha kidding! Please wait for my outfit post on my next posts. :) Again, we were in Robinson's Magnolia just like yesterday! This is one of our favorite malls because it's relaxing, cozy and with only few people. :D
Say hello to my one and only love! The ever supporting, handsome, hardworking workmate/husband and pig out mate! Hahaha! Though our wallets ay naghihingalo nowadays, he did a great job for our simple budget for this Valentine's Day!
He surprised me with 3 Nutella Macaroons! HIHI! :3
Bought Katy a super cute Polvoron Cupcake!
Red Velvet cupcakes and a heart balloon for his parents. :)
Last but not the least, we saw a little bangketa near CSB main and found beautiful Iphone cases in very cheap prices! Kev bought me one and I am so excited to make a design for it! 

Simple celebrations are the best-est! I don't need balloons nor flowers for this day. I just want to be with my family, friends or loved ones during Valentine's Day. Though, hindi na naman natuloy yung plan ko to deliver flowers kay Mama, maybe next month babawi nalang ako/kami. I miss her so much kasi kinikilig ako pag binibigyan niya ako kahit konting chocolates lang. :)

Anyhoo, thank you so much Labs for always making me happy specially with foods! Hahaha ang takaw takaw ko! Sorry for being so bloated and mainisin at times! Katy and I loves you so much! We'll travel soon! <3

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  1. Nice date,, natawa ako sa Triangle date :D LOL :)

  2. haha natatwa ko sa mga descriptions mo!seriously, I thought mango shake yun haha


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