Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sunrise Buckets

Earlier, Kev and I went to Canon to pick up our prime lens. We've waited for about 30 to 45 minutes starving at around 2pm. He suggested Sunrise Buckets for a change and the nearest branch is at The Grove by Rockwell. A great place for me who loves to de-stressed over coffee and food. :D
The place is filled with surfing stuffs, I felt like I was in Hawaii and in movies with a summer-ish concept! They have lotsa of beers and other unique drinks! The servings are big as the American size, it's full of colors, lively and refreshing. I wonder how this place turned into night scene where people order beers and with loud music. Surely, an awesome place to chill out!
Gloves are ready for "kamayan"!
If you noticed, we had a bunch of fries in here! Haha! 
Took a photo on Instagram before we enter the restaurant. :)
High ceiling it is!
The aftermath! :O
Left the house with pambahay clothes. Hahaha! Kahiya!
I'm curious about this Japanese restaurant just beside Sunrise Buckets. Will definitely eat here soon!
I'm so excited to get back here, aside from eating. :) It's a secret! 
Anyway, I want to drink coffee here! The place is really refreshing! Agree?


  1. How much yung range ng menu nila? I love the ambiance :)

  2. seems like a promising resto.. and I totally agree.. the place is really refreshing.. :)

  3. ive been to sunrise buckets a lot of times and it is one of my "comfor places" :) love the chicken! i could easily finish a bucket! haha :D


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