Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birthday Treat For Mom

Last 3rd of February after we had a mass at CCF, Kev, Katy and I went to Baby Fair at Megatrade Hall (which I'll blog soon) before we had our birthday date with Mom 'cause it was spontaneous and we had to wait for her and my sister all the way from Cavite. We were so famished but it's okay kasi alam naman nating nakakabusog ng sobra ang Yabu. :))

 Seeing my Mom smiling and laughing with Katy is indeed priceless! Wish that she's always with us everyday and play with Katy every morning 'til evening. Sometimes it's sad when Katy doesn't recognize my Mom because it's very rare for them to see each other.
Kev and I chose Yabu as a birthday gift for Mom, we know she craves and miss Japanese foods and I'm sure she did enjoy it! We don't have enough pictures at Yabu dahil gutom na kami sobra. :))
First time to try Gelatissimo with Mom and sister. Veronese Chocolate & Hazelnut feels like heaven! Thanks Mom! <3
After our food trip, we went at National to buy some stuff for my sister and waited for Tita (Kev's Mom) to meet Mama even just for a sec but Tita insisted to have a merienda first before we parted and then again nagpataba kami ulit sa Chatime. :)) My Mom was so shy at nakipagunahan pang magbayad and yes it was her treat. :) I wanted to be with her and my sister after that but my Mom refused and told me to go with Kev and Katy instead of them. While typing this, I'm still thinking if I'm going to Marikina 'cause she's there now with our relatives but it seems that I don't have money in my wallet hahaha! I will just ask Kev later to bike at UP or just here inside the subdivision.

So how's your week so far? :)


  1. ang cute tga ng baby mo sis! happy birthday to ur mom.. xoxo

  2. Seems you and your family had a great time! Belated happy birthday to your mom.

  3. Cute Katy! Ilan taon na siya? Belated to your mom! :)

  4. Wow lola looks so gorgeous ha?? :D Hi katy! Tita rovie wants to see you and pinch your cute face :D


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