Friday, January 11, 2013

Loosen Up

Top : One Way, Japan
Palazzo Pants : Mom's Vintage Closet
Necklace : Pippa
Bracelet : Les' Moda
Earrings : Vanity Plum

Hello lovies! Sorry for being so chubby here, hahaha! Can you please update me if you happen to know Zumba classes around you? Thanks! I remember Kuya Eric told me to not wear loose clothes because I look big but I can't help it. I'm more comfortable with these but I want to change it. Again, I have a piece from my Mom's closet again. She really has taste when it comes to fashion. Nowadays, I don't know what's happening with the way she dress up. Maybe because she's so thin and don't have time to put make up on or she doesn't want anything of these. I wish one day, time traveling would be okay and I'll definitely look back when she was a teenager with Snow White flawless skin, strutting her classy and chic outfits. Maybe I'll share some of her "throwback" photos for you guys. I'm just so proud! :)

Back to my outfit, actually I wore this running around errands with Louie at Ortigas. Imagine, I am walking with these kind of clothes under the scorching sun! The two of us had empty pockets but we managed to buy Iced Coffees and fast foods. Hahaha! Call us pigs but we still love to hangout with few coins. :))

Photos by : Louielyn Mata


  1. There are Zumba classes everywhere! Which area? :)

    Looking great, btw. I love going through my mom's old clothes, too. :)

  2. the outfit looks comfy and casual for weekendwear, whether going to a movie, hanging out at the mall, or just doing errands here and there.

  3. Love those pants, Bella! <3 They look comfy and I don't think you look fat! :)


  4. I like this look! I'm drawn to comfortable dressing and easy silhouettes :)

  5. The dotted pants looks good on you dear! LVE that black and white look

    x the cookies


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