Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tomorrow's A Big Day

 Yay! Tomorrow's gonna be a big day for Katy, Kev and I! I remember when I was in the labor room this day last year and waiting for the right time but the Doctor said at 3:00 AM that she needed to do a Caesarian. I cried but Katy's head will suffer if we didn't do it. And there you go, an angel was born and now she's turning 1 year old at exactly 3:00 AM later! I am so excited to meet half of our friends (because others are too far, like my high school friends) and family. For all the pagod and stressed, I know this will be a wonderful one! Thank God for this wonderful gift! We are so blessed! <3


  1. I'm exciteeeeddd :D See you babe!!! :)

  2. So cute of your daughter. Happy birthday dear!


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