Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sunny December

  Just came from an adventure me-time earlier at Divisoria, Taft and North Edsa. Hindi po ako gumagala, I'm just doing this for my baby's birthday party which is sobrang lapit na kaya ngarag ang Lola mo! 

Divisoria is known with cheap stuffs but with negative comments like maraming magnanakaw na hindi ko pa nae-experience sa tagal ko na nagpupunta dun. I want to thank God for that! I am finding for Cat's Eye shades since 2008 pero di ko alam bakit hindi ako makakita! Well I think the upper one is medyo ganun narin, what do you think? The second one is my favorite among all of these and the third one is for Kev. I love the neat and sleek look of it while the last is for Kuya Eric but will buy more round shades for him 'cause he likes Ozzy Osbourne's!

 Is it awkward to buy sunglasses because it's December? Well here in the Philippines our snow is scorching! Hahahaha! While on the other side of the earth are wearing fur and boots, we're still enjoying our clothes from Summer! Yay or Nay? :)

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  1. haha... Forever summer in the phil and it's nice to invest on shades kasi it's so useful, we can wear it all the time. Yeah, the second one is the one that I would also wear ;)

  2. ako din, never pa ako nanakawan sa divi. ang cute ng shades sis. and advance happy birthday sa iyong unica hija

  3. Love 'em all :) And yeah, we moms will do everything for our kids *wink

    I dunno but I am still scared going there coz of the rumors especially now it's Christmas season. We actually shopped in Greenhills and my car got opened by those st**id robbers >.<

    Advance happy birthday to your kid.
    God bless your family :))


  4. Haha proud divisoria girl din ako! I don't care kung cheap man kasi minsan nasa nag dadala din yun hahahahaha :D And yung mga items sa mall sometimes yun lang din naman tinda sa divi

  5. hi bella. una sa lahat miss na kita ng super :) and i really love your hauls! matagal tagal na akong di nakakapuinta ng divi!! super gusto ko na pumunta dun. lets set a date there? :)

    The Bargain Doll


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