Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rajo x Parisian and Milanos

Thanks Shai Lagarde and Vern Enciso for choosing me as one of the Le Parisian Girls
finalists and yes I won 2 free invites each to the Rajo!
After Hairolympics with my fellow bloggers Nika, Margaret, Vince and more (which I haven't blog yet). I told them to save three seats for me, Chrisna and Rovie 'cause I waited for Rovie first while Chrisna and I did outfit posts shots.
When we arrived, the first wall opened separating the bar and the stage. It looks like a club with overflowing drinks.  
All of a sudden, when we entered the room for stage, the lights were lovely and also the crowd. They were patiently waiting for the presentation. And so the usual, Raymond Gutierrez hosted the event with his hair brushed up and a get up of Japanese feel which was styled by Rajo. 
Our spot wasn't that good for taking pictures but I think these photos are good enough. Whatchathink? A video played featuring two models with hardcore tattoos all over their bodies. It was full of uniqueness and made by Rajo's kids.

Rajo x Milanos' models came out first with masculine looks while Rajo x Parisian's models were so good of teasing people before coming out with Kimonos and purdy headdresses.
I wanna have all of these shoes! They are seriously designed and the Japanese vibe is just around! Their clothes are too way awesome, it goes along with the all the fabulous shoes! The models look like a Japanese doll in our house, the one with glass on it. Do you have one?
 Girls, I love your hairdressers, whoa!
After Rajo's speech, he surprised us with another wall! He said that we can feel, smell and even buy his shoes on that event so..
Colorful pinwheels were there to welcome us!
And yeah, my crush! :3
"Ang umasang magmahal muli.." Hmm?
Two of my favorites!
 Hello Maureen!
Finally met Kat Valdez, lagi nauudlot eh! And speechless that I spontaneously bumped my high school friend Pamela!
My childhood idol, hahahaha!
I always see this couple when I was working as a trainee at Cabalen, Festival Mall. They're too nice and have a happy family.
Thanks for a little chit chat Seph! I wish Shai was there too!
Time to ask for a picture with them!
Rajo Laurel himself.
Hello bloggers! Nice to meet all of you! <3

My new love, Rovie! <3
 Haha, this is too funny David! Nice to meet you!
The favorite DJ was there. Inevitable?
 Then Liz Uy came late, haha! Thank you so much Parisian, Milanos and Rajo for inviting us! The event was superb and so elegant. It's so Japanophile! <3 Who doesn't love to eat after an event?
Looking for WIFI hotspot, had a hard time to choose a restaurant and I'm glad they love French Baker too!
This is so cute!
Hello Chrisna, may I have some? Check her sweet words for me here. Hihi, KILIG! :3
Bench had an event on that day too with Jessica!
One of my ultimate healthiest dish! (for me)
Rovie's. Diet teh?
Had a really great time with these girls so much much much! Thank so Rovie for bringing me at Quezon Ave, I know it was far but you did it. Thank you!
 Bye SMX, 'til the next event!

Lovies, I am very sorry for all my late posts. I have lots of backlogs here on my laptop and will try to blog all of it. Thank you for understanding and for still reading my blog! Toodles! <3


  1. Milanos shoes are so fantastic! really unique and nice! xD nice shots though, not bad at all :) and those foods are making me hungry right now :3 haha!


  2. diet ka dyan hindi! are you sure I can grab all these cause i don't have a cam. and andaming fail. #1 my lipstick, fail #2 my photos fail but the best part is spending time with you <3 nuuuks!!!

    The Bargain Doll


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