Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pippa Clothing

Last Sunday, the owners of Pippa Clothing invited me and Rhea for a photoshoot for their latest collection. Spontaneously brought Katy, Ate Gean and Kev. I did my four layouts with some of my clothes and using their skirts and so Rhea did the same thing. Glad to meet new people on this shoot. :)
Loot bags! Yoohoo. :)
My favorite layout. Corporate with edge.
The owners of Pippa Clothing. I remember my best friend when they told me their BFF's. I miss you Justine
I love how Ana did my eye make-up and asked her to define my eyebrows and it was remarkable though kontrabida na naman ang peg ko haha! Thanks Ana!
Dreaming of these set!
Fierce eyes but I think my loud pink lips doesn't complement my face. Hahaha or di lang ako sanay?
Kung saan ko pinaglihi si Katy haha! Yay Amber's!
The only photo of Kev, blard pa! :)) BTW, he took almost all of the photos here. Thanks Labs!
My first and second layout. Hahaha! Bagay ba sakin yung wig? Parang serena lang no?
Fave photo kahit ang tarush!
Sige na babe ikaw na sexy!
We were like 10. As in 1 si Rhea, ako 0. HAHA!
Party like a rockstar ang peg!
Photos from Pippa Clothing, visit their Facebook page for more and of course don't forget to buy one before hitting the exit button. :)
Thanks for the support Katy baby! Sure you had fun with your new Ate's!
Got injured after the shoot. It looks like "malayo sa bituka" but my bone was aching like hell and natatakot ako 'til now kasi ang pangit niya sobra tignan and kumikirot. :( I slipped at the studio's gate with Katy, thank God nothing happened to her.

Headed to the nearest North Park for some Lunchyerda with Rhea, and my family. :)

After spoiling our tummies with Chinese foods, we went at Kev's friend for another shoot pero siya naman bida, naks! Ate Gean, Katy and I waited for 3 to 4 hours but it's okay para sa project naman. What a productive day plus bonding with our little one. Thank God for this day! So, how was your Sunday?


  1. nakakamiss babe!!! :D love the photos!!! <3 thank youuuu :)

  2. Thank you bella! Til the next 6mos! :-) God bless your family!

  3. Thank you bella! Til the next 6mos! :-) God bless your family!

  4. you gurlz look it! =)

  5. Bell! GUsto ko yan mga ginawa niyo! I wana join haha and and anong shinoot ni Katy? I want Kian to follow my footsteps :D haha

    1. Hahahaha hmmm wala si Katy, nanuod lang at nanggulo. :)


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