Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fashionably Katy

I can't wait to dress her up with beautiful clothes when she reach 5 years of age but I really miss when she was a month old. Her legs are growing up so long and we can't stop it. I can't imagine that this lovely girl came from me and keeping us alive and kicking everyday. Though she's now very makulit, her malambing side goes out. She doesn't like kumot, loves tagu-taguan and playing on the floor. She wants to be with her Mom and Dad all the time, she'll cry if we go out. She likes labels, remotes, laptop, pc and plastics over her toys. She's always smiling 'til sleeping time. By 9 months, her four teeth appears. She enjoys commercials and Disney Junior, loves vegetables and fruits though it's sour. It's amazing how this baby has a big part of our lives and on December, she'll be celebrating her first year in this world. OMG, ang bilis ng panahon ika nga. Well, thanks God for this wonderful gift! <3

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