Thursday, September 13, 2012

Completely Coco Martin

 Bench just launched Coco Martin's Signature Scent as I've blogged here. I am so sorry for delay posts on my site. I have so many errands and sleep deprivation makes me lazy. I am stressed sometimes and can't blog. I hate that feeling. Anyhoo, please enjoy these photos of Coco Martin! Thanks Bench for giving me and Rhea VIP passes though Kev and her Mom weren't.

Catering from Cabalen! Do you know guys that I had an OJT at Cabalen Filinvest branch? Just saying! :)

This girl rocks, I really love her energy! I want to be with her every time! Of course the pretty Rhea Tan Bue of <3

Our watches, sorry for the ugly photo!

Random shots for Bebe!

The helicopter camera! Haha! I wanna buy this thing for future events! Bella & Kevin productions needs one!

Haggardness to the max!

 We were just in front! No wonder that these photos are so clear!

Lovin' this part of the whole event! When the screens divided into three and models were there and came out with full energy, sprayed the cologne and danced!


Hello Kuya Eric!

 The event was awesome and not boring! Wish you were there guys! Had a late dinner with Kev, her Mom and Bebe at Holy Cow! Chit chats were all over, diet wasn't on my mind and almost all of the restaurants were full of people. Got home late, Bebe was with us the whole time, left her at Megamall and thank God she got home safe. Exhausting? Yes it was but ecstatic. :)

Bebe/Rhea and I were supposed to attend the La Senza event, too bad hindi natuloy!


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  1. sa susunod matutuloy na rin yung la senza natin! hahahahahaha :) yey!!! love you babe! can't wait to be with you again <3


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