Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tokyo Posh

The Lee Shadow Play event was too awesome that we were energized to attend another event at Eastwood though the taxi fares ain't good at all because I am used to ride jeepneys and buses. Haha! Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions opened their new branch at Eastwood Mall just like I Do Nails for the month of July. I am so happy to see some of the layouts I did for them at the event and saw Monica (the owner) too and she checked my nails which are good enough 'cause it was done by her employees! Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out my I Do Nails experience here.

 We don't have any pink in our clothes so we did a rush shopping at F&H. I don't have money but yeah it's emergency!

Glad that I brought my shorts and belt with me!

And borrowed Sam's cardigan. We were so galing!

We arrived so early at the event, that's when we decided to go on pink!

The crowd was high end, no bloggers, professionals and we think that we were not in the right place (drama namin no). Someone told us pa to check some spaces sa tabi tabi kasi yung LV na bag niya naka reserved sa isang table pero hindi naman namin nilagay things namin and inangkin yung table. People weren't approachable except to Risque's designer, a random guy in a suit and the hair extension inventor old man na hindi namin alam na inventor siya! So we went off and I was pissed off kasi sayang yung binili naming damit but the thing is I had fun with Sam that day, as in adventure!

There, I just want to share you guys their opening at Eastwood Mall. Hope to attend more events na okay yung mga tao sa paligid and hindi intimidating but their event was so cute and girly. I saw Melissa Ricks and Cheska Garcia too. How's your weekend lovies? :)

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