Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Sometimes


Corset : Copper (giveaway)
Cardigan : Ingni
High Waist Shorts : ATC
Green & Violet Fabric Bracelet : Bubbles
Ring : Bubbles
Orange and Yellow Bracelet : LovetoshopUK
Brown Lace Bracelet : Japan
Shoes : HDY

Wonder why I have summer-ish outfit post above? The sun came up for just an hour and we took advantage of it while at Technohub for a meeting with the seller of a canon lens which we got today and used it immediately with these photos. Are they great? :) I'm a sucker of taking random stuffs too that's why I decided that from now on all of my future outfit posts will be like this, filled with some random shots! What do you think? 

This corset is seriously beautiful but I just can't show off my tummy to use it as a midriff ensemble with my high waist shorts. My body is so disappointing for keeping me always hungry that's why I'm getting bloated and it's so unhealthy! I don't want to go on with a lifestyle like this! Finally wore two of my Bubbles sponsored items, the ring is too cute right? And if you're a follower of my blog this necklace is always on my photos, the colors are two of my favorites: Aqua and Gold! Feels like underwater. <3

Help me to have a fit lifestyle, any suggestions? Before that, please hype my look!
P.S: Kev captured these pretty photos!

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  1. Love the accessories! <3

    Please visit my online shop. We sell accessories at low prices.

  2. cute outfit super love the accessories especially the mintyish green/gold necklace :) <3

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, thanks to my Tita for the cardi!

  4. weee.. so pretty babe! love the photos! <3 what lens did you bought? nice ang effect! <3 and you look so sexyyy!! I love to see you in corsets talaga <3 <3 <3

    P.S. We have the same ring ;)

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  5. You look so prim and proper in here :) Love the shots (as always). Wow you have a new lens. Make the most out of it :)

  6. Your whole outfit is really pretty so summer-ish!! Yay. I love starbucks' coffee grounds! I used that as a room airfreshener. hehe! and foot scrub too!

    1. Really? Scrub for? Hahahaha air freshener! We love coffee that much? <3

  7. love your photos, Bella! :) Pretty! <3

    XO, Mish

  8. such an amazing outit, Love the color of the bag! :)
    great pics..


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