Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lee Shadow Play Event

After a long long time, I have tasted Simple Line again! Thanks to Kev! As I was waiting along Benilde's back gate for Sam and Kev too. I kept on using the camera for my vain photos and the sun hit me nicely that I got so much good photos but I don't want to flood this post with that, I'll make another post or on Facebook nalang. Kahiya eh!

So there was Sam on the back seat and she can't stop ranting about a specific guy. Oooopsie! And I tried her Kitty shades too that I'm seeing everywhere like online shops, divisoria, malls and such.

Headed to The Fort for Lee's Event, we came there at around 1pm and walked around the place for some window shopping like Nike, La Senza and The Face Shop.

Sorry for this photo but above here is too cute!

Hahahaha paparazzi shots by Sam! Lol!

Had a quick late lunch at Bon Chon with my loves! I remember the year 2009 when Kev and I are still friends and always have bonding moments at malls and restaurants with Sam but he didn't know that I have a crush on him in that year. :)) Okay enough, mahaba to eh!!!

Remember when Pony brand used to be like an Hermes bag?

I really missed good old days with this girl!

Lovely hair here!

That skin! I love it!

One of Kev's favorite chicken restaurants.

Sana lahat ng basurahan ganito!

There you go for the Lee Shadow Play event at Rocketroom. It showcased about the contest that will run this August (yeah, my birthday month!) for y'all guys who loves taking photos in the streets or in your own city! I'm sure you gonna love this! Wanna join and win awesome prizes? Click here!

When Kev had his runny nose, it always happens to both of us! Argh!

It's Mamibells po. :)

Nice view in our seats!

Gluttony is divine, oh no! I am in love with Fettucine and fries!

Thanks Sir Rommel for inviting us! We really had a good time though the weather wasn't good, still you guys managed us!

So Kev left us because he had his last class for that day. Sam and I planned to attend the Tokyo Posh event at Eastwood with Margaret and Vince sana but unfortunately hindi natuloy. Sayang! Will blog about it din!

Teached us on how to upload the entries. Click here for Lee's cutie microsite. :) After the event, we have checked the Ever New first ever branch here in Philippines just beside Rocketroom. Y'all gonna love the sale items, sorry I don't have any photos but below are from their fitting room, haha!

I miss my old tummy, kainis ka Sam! Ikaw na sexy!

Loots! Woohoo thank you so much Lee! 

Kung hindi ka umalis agad Labs, may 1,500 GC's karin! Thank you sa hatid! I'm gonna use these wisely, thanks God for Lee! Don't forget to join the contest! It's so easy! CLICK!


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  2. Cool!! The food looks soooo delicious.. love the photo where are you in an awkward wacky position.. sooo cute! haha.. :D

    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  3. Oh my, the food! I am so hungry right now, everything looks just amazing T_T"
    They have the kitty glasses everywhere I go, but I think there are only a very few who suits it! The black one is definitely easier to wear than all the crazy designs I've seen so far :)

    1. Japan is always the advanced country when it comes to fashion and technology. Do you have kitty glasses? :)

  4. Hahaha... both of you are cute...and that eyewear...omg nakakatuwa...I feel young din viewing your pics... :D


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