Thursday, August 9, 2012

Concept Photography

Lovies! How's your Thursday? Is it good or not? Do you miss shopping and playing around outside? Well I know some of you are enjoying watching television, and surfing the net or maybe just sleeping. For me, it's full of errands, I'm still not yet done cleaning our room because I have to start a video for Snoopy, will edit Aisa Ipac's business card, revamp Tracy Ayson's blog and more. I have visited my page and finding some stuffs that I wanna share here on my blog. Here are some photos I did for Finals with the help of my CSB friends and Kev for our Concept Photography class. This is one of the best accomplishment I have done in School of Design and Arts. Thank you God for the grade of 95! Mom and my Aunt were so proud of me. I am bragging this 'cause I'm really proud of myself, I did this with Katy while she was in my tummy, we were attending classes just to finish the semester last 2011. Of all the efforts of walking back and forth in school with a bump in my body, whew goodness gracious! So here are the conceptual photos..


Louie did the painting and Katy cooperated with this too. My professor didn't know that I was the one standing on that photo. Haha!


This is the last photo I did with the whole project because it was hard to invite a friend and loose her bra but hmm who's back is this?

Gender Equality

When I googled the words Gender Equality, it's always the sign you see before you enter the comfort rooms, so I did a different way. 

Environmental Sustainability

I hope you understand what I want to say here.


We love to impress people with our material things but poor people are just contented with simple things in life. We're not gonna bring these in our future grave, are we?

Basic Education

Hoping that the primitive way of teaching kids education still lives on. We're now carrying technology and it has disadvantages too.

Child Mortality

Other countries has a huge problem, it refers to the death of children under the age of 5. Malnutrition and the lack of safe water and sanitation contribute to half of all these children’s deaths. God please help them.

International Cooperation

American flag on white forehead. Korean flag on black eyeliner. Philippine flag on brown cheek. China flag on pink cheek and Japan flag on red lipstick. I thought of how to interpret each of these countries base in their appearances. I hope you get it!

 These are the best photos of my project. I love to conceptualize when I'm in the mood, it's really hard to think of unusual things like me because I am forgetful and sometimes hard to understand. Sometimes I like to have a photo shoot with the concepts I have in mind but it's complicated. Maybe in the future? Yes please!

Tell me what I did on the album cover? :)

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  1. I think the pictures are great! Di ko kaya magconceptualize ng ganyan!

  2. Great concept photos. This post had me thinking on what the photo means and it does match the captions.

  3. wow ang galing bella. i wanna learn this too <3

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  4. your photos are really amazing. yes, being artistic is at mood sometimes. I can relate to - "and sometimes hard to understand." :)

  5. wow! this is amazing babe! :) love the concept!!! ang galiiing! <3
    like ko yung AIDS! hehehehe :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  6. I love how you conceptualized maternity and child mortality. :)

  7. Great concept! You really have an amazing artistic skill! :>

    Joey Arevalo

  8. Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the photos sis! Great idea and concepts! :)


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