Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spa Party

9th of July was amazing! First, it's my baby's 7th monthsary (pbb teens?) or birthday and attended a Spa Party at Gandang Ricky Reyes with The Sexy Chef and Villa Medica. Isn't it a fun filled experience?
I haven't had a haircut at GRR but my hair becomes bouncy and soft after Ricky herself chopped my hair. She gave me some advices to volume it up and gave me a booster hair treatment with a relaxing massage. The treatment was like a mint on my scalp, so relaxing!

The Sexy Chef is owned by Alejandros's. Rachel is like 25! Wow!

These burgers are heaven as in ang sarap nila and walang lansa. I wanna order!

I am so happy that I saw Rachel Alejandro and the greatest part is she explained what Sexy Chef caters, what it's all about, benefits and how to eat clean. I am surprised by her knowledge about foods and other stuffs around culinary. Will do a blog post about Sexy Chef soon because I fell in love with it! So healthy! 

Hello Margaret!

I'm like a princess! Thanks Ricky Reyes staff, they're all so nice!

Who loves my new hair cut? 

Quick shot for a TV appearance. Hahaha!

With Miss Rachel Alejandro, she's so kind, friendly and approachable. I even offered Bella & Kevin's freelance services to her. :)

Hi Ayzee!

Kev had a hair treatment again! The day before this, nag pa treatment rin siya sa Vivere Salon, hahaha!

My soft hair! Goodbye slit ends!


While explaining what Villa Medica and Stem Cell Therapy is. I'd love to have a separate blog post for it!

Naks naman artista! Hahahaha!

Mother Ricky, thanks for the experience. You all made us feel VIP's!

Fellow bloggers. Nice meeting you guys! 'Til next events!

 Inside our loots! The Malunggay Shampoo and Conditioner are the best sellers at Gandang Ricky Reyes. Will try to review these anti aging products from Villa Medica. Please comment your opinions in my new hair! Glad to have an invite again from Ricky Reyes for her foundation on the 15th.

Wait for this episode on Life & Style with Ricky Reyes every 10am at GMA News channel 11. Will post on Twitter on Facebook the exact date. Last Saturday of July or first week of August, still not sure. Thank you! :)

Wanna have your own Spa Party? Visit Gandang Ricky Reyes Salons nationwide and ask the employees. You'll surely love it!

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  1. so kamusta nmn ang total make-over ANG GANDAAAAAAAAA!!! reminds me always of Ricky Reyes (SI MADER!) ahahahaha bongga ka teh!! I'm glad you had fun with other fellow bloggers!!! isama mo ako minsan sa mga ganyan CHAROT!!!!! ahahahhahaahha!!! ganda ng hair ni Kevs bongga bagay!!! especially nakastyle pa hair niya WINNER!! <3

  2. omg~ soooo lucky! ganda naman!

  3. Wow that seems like a fun day! And omg all the foooood I am so hungry at the moment T_T" I so look forward when I am home again and can go to my hair dresser again, I love to be pampered when it comes to my hair! :D

    1. Please come here in PH! I would love to see you! Thanks for reading my blog!

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    1. Zandratoot I love your two piece! Sana ako rin makapag ganon! LOL!

  5. gandang Ricky Reyes talaga!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Shen! Let's revamp your blog! :)

  7. The food looks delicious!

    This post reminds me that I still have a chocolate cake on our fridge!

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