Monday, July 30, 2012

Panahon | Shooting Day 1

The first shooting day of "Panahon" was done last Wednesday with my CSB friends and other school friends. I miss seeing college students in SDA with casual and weird looks when entering at the lobby where we had the first location for the said video.

Jake and Cheska (screen names)

What's right beside SDA? It's the UPAD where you can eat fast foods! Yay to Benildeans for being unhealthy! Dagdag Mcdo na naman!

Hi SDA I really miss you!

One of the directors is my former condo mate Louielyn Mata. I'm proud of you guys! She was so serious like it wasn't her!!!

Some of my Studded bracelets from GQ PinkCloset and LovetoshopUK for Sam's outfit.

Find Ian! The singit boy!

The clapper, my asawa!

The whole team at SDA's lobby.

Photos while shooting Cheska and Jake.

Sam, my first ever friend in Benilde (2009). I missed you!

I wanna thank Sam & Louie for trusting me as the HMUA and did some styling too. :)

I missed you guys!

The poging clapper!

For the second location they chose Coffee Prince at the Grand Towers. You know how much I love coffee shops and I really I had a great time here but we waited for hours and starved ourselves but it's okay! That's how Kev and I love our friends!

My make up kits. I know they're old but they came from my Aunt and my Mom. These are too special!

These girls, ahhh I am missing your bodies! Sarap niyong pagkukurutin lagi eh!

Thanks Sam and Louie! They have granted my special request!

Intense scene, when Cheska found out that Jake has another girl.

Thanks Larisse for this shot!

"Happy" couple! Had lunch at Migz' place at Magallanes and headed back at Taft again for two more locations in the evening.

First restaurant for the evening where we met "Nica" as Cheska's friend for the shoot.

Lovin' their looks here. So simple yet dainty!

And for the inuman scene (my favorite), this is the wasted location ever. No air and finished at 12 AM in the morning!

Louie's friend as one of the casts.

The "bitch" make-up for Gem. :)

The haggard and "may tama" look of Sam!

Galit mga pakners sa holding hands namin ni Aids!

We all get tired but it was really an amazing experience working with our CSB friends for their thesis. I hope the final output would be great, we love to help you guys and we're always here. See you again soon for the last shoot! Standy by for Panahon's shooting day 2 photos and click here for more!

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  1. I always like your behind the scenes drama/situation :) As always I enjoyed your post!

    1. Yay thanks Yani! I love taking BTS photos talaga. :)

  2. woooow :) this is cool babe! I wanna see their video!!! weeee. :D
    ang gaganda ns casts niyo! at ang gwapo ni JAKEEE!!! nyahahahaha :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

    1. Babe, sumbong kita sa bf mo gusto mo? :)

  3. loved "the bitch" make up, pang bitch talaga lol!


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