Friday, July 27, 2012

Katy's Playmat

Wow for Katy's puzzle rubbers or play mat! Kev bought this for Katy but I was alone choosing it at Toy Kingdom Megamall and brought it home riding a bus. It was quite intricate 'cause it so big but I know Katy will love it and it was worth the pagod! She's getting older and bigger, she loves to crawl (parang nag s-swimming lang) and we don't want na malaglag na naman siya sa bed. We love you baby Katy! Watch the video here in HD please!

Katy's special that's why.
Okay, no plastics every Mondays so napabili ako ng Tote!
K! Katy ilang beses mong bininyagan yan! :))
Hope you'll enjoy these baby! Crawl lang ng crawl wag lang mauuntog!


  1. I like bloggers who are showing a part of their life and culture. It is always interesting to see new things. Great blog, great job! Thanks for sharing :)))

  2. "Katy ilang beses mong bininyagan yan!" -- OMG so cute! ;)) The rubber playmat's really useful esp now she's learning to be independent. Wait 'til she gets older and is learning how to walk, mas masaya ang kakulitan! Have fun! ^^

  3. Katy's so cute! I bet it was tough to carry the playmat home with you but it was worth the effort if she loves it! :)


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