Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Do Nails

Are you a Spa addict or want to have clean nails every time you look at it? Well it's time for you to try the I Do Nails services at Eastwood Mall! They offer all the comfort and luxury of a nail spa at the comfort of ones own home for two years and now the first branch is now open!

I have known I Do Nails since January this year when I offered them my services like layouts for brochures, flyers, gift certificates, loyalty cards and so much more. The owner, Monica Maceda is such a darling, she gave her trust to me and easy to talk to, rarely complains and loves my ideas.

Customers enjoying their 20% off! It's until July 31 so better to visit them now!

This brochure is one of my works for I Do Nails, I am surprised because it is printed in hardbound and you'll see this before the session. I am overwhelmed!

Monica offered me the Soothing Mind and it was splendifirous! I wanna sleep after haha!

Heaven for us girls! OPI, Sally Hansen, Orly, Deborah Lippmann and so much more! The colors are refreshing, bold and purdy! All of these in affordadable price, they don't want to hurt customer's pockets!

Orly GelFX is the Vitamin Infused Gel Polish for Healthy, Durable Nails with Shine for Days! Weeks, Actually! Watch this video and get it done with I Do Nails staffs!

 While they massaging me I can't help saying "Ang sarap naman Ate!". 

Removing dead skin cells, yay!

This scrub is a cloud 9, I promise!

Every girls have these stuffs in one tray, very neat and organized!

I'm like a princess, thanks Monica! (owner of I Do Nails)

 I am entertained by these all new magazines! My favorite is Preview, scanned it and I wanna buy tuloy because this is issue is full of trends and it's an inspiration for Les' Moda! Thank you I Do Nails!

I heard some say "Relaxing unlike D***ing D**a!". She was talking about the seats. Well.. indeed!


The dainty reception area.

My most favorite! I chose the pink and blue, feels like kiddo!

Did these Gift Certificates too but I think they edited the colors and it's stretched but it's okay. You'll see the jpeg's here!

Finally saw Monica, the owner. I just know her thru Facebook and text, finally we met!

 So here' the output, hope you love it as I do! I feel confident with my nails now, it's clean and pampered. Thank you so much Monica of I Do Nails for inviting me as they're buena mano hahaha! I hope they had lot of customers after me. The place is divine and you'll love every second of it. Be sure to choose the best nail polish! Tell me if you have tried I Do Nails! Comments are highly appreciated. Thank you!

P.S: The staffs are so nice!

Studded (Sol Accessories), Juicy Couture (GQ PinkCloset) Tassle (LovetoshopUK)

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  1. wow naman po, you did brochures for them :O ang galing!

    the nail spa looks really relaxing. i love visiting nail spas :D super nakakapamper kasi. buti na lang uso na yung ganyan ngayon :3 hihi. i'm gonna try this out some time

    1. Yep it's really relaxing. Please do visit!

  2. wooow! that's really cool babe! :D talagang sasama ako sa mga lakads mo soon! hahahahaha :D at malapit na malapit na rin tayong magkita! <3

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  3. that looks really nice dear!! Cloud 9 FEELING AS IN! xx


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