Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting Ready

I'm currently looking for items which I will wear on Yahoo! OMG! Awards this Friday. Glad that this bustier (sorry I have humble boobs) just arrived in time from Pustura Manila and this motorcycle jacket  from Cruella & Co is just waiting for a good top to complement with. Do you guys know where to buy a nice pair of violet jeans? I prefer stretchable! Please suggest one! Thank you! Whatdayathink?


  1. love it! love it sis!! :D
    goodluck and have fun!!! mua! :-*
    next time sabay tayoooo!! :D

    1. I'm looking forward for that! Please visit Manila soon and don't forget to meet me alrigth? :*

  2. AAAAAAK I love your top!!! Have fun, dear.. Take lots of photos and show em to us! :)


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