Saturday, June 30, 2012

SM Youth University | BTS Photos

A very late post is here to take away your stress from school projects. Waste a minute to satisfy your fashion needs for your everyday outfits in school! SM Youth is here to help you with that! Have you seen the video we did for them? If not, move around your cursor here. Let me show you some sneak peeks from the shoot we had last May.

Katchie Mejias did the hair.

Always, a mirror shot with a camera. Haha!

Bjorn is the phogtorapher which is a fellow Benildean and some of the models I know are Joanna Kennedy and LA Aguinaldo.

My favorite shot on that day! Primitive library at La Consolacion College.

Kevin's on the move!

A very old classroom which I love the most because, it feels like I am studying in a "real school". Unlike in SDA, where the first impressions are "is it a company building? museum? hospital?"

Some shots from Kev! I got sick after this shoot because of the hot weather and "breaks" were spent in a cold room. Nice huh? :)

Maureen Manuel is one of the stylists and Aaron Castro visited the shoot too. Both are nice and easy to talk to. :)

Take some pictures and pose too!

And random stuffs will end this post! I wish you did enjoy as I always do with BTS photos. I really love it when you know what happened behind the lenses of  photoshoots and videoshoots because people behind the cameras deserve to be awarded and be known! Thanks to Phoebe and Sir Revo!
All photos are from Bella & Kevin Productions, please credit us!

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  1. woooow...ganda ng shoot niyo sis ah.. :D
    nice nice <3 ang gwagwapo at ang pretty ng girl!!! <3

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

    1. Have you seen the video sis? Thank you!

  2. nice pics sis! ganda ng concept ng photoshoot :)
    xoxo chelsea!


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