Friday, June 8, 2012

Japan's Fashion in 2011, Trending In Philippines This Year

 Maybe you're wondering, "Why is Bella sharing these old and overhyped fashion on her blog?". Yeah, I am but ain't it unfair that Japan has advanced pieces than ours? Imagine, I have this Jelly magazine a year ago but the trends were just kind of new here? I mean, malapit naring mawala. Why is this happening? Haha!

This top is me! No wonder, I love going to Forever 21 and just browsing some kind of these tops. It is so laid back and you could pair it with shorts, leggings, pants and even skirts. So versatile!

And the so over-hyped shoes! I admit that I love these but it's so common nowadays.


The pleated skirts, you could see them everywhere!

Tribal or Aztec vibe are kind of addicting! So summer-y, boho chic and gypsy feel!

The palazzo pants, colored jeans and elephant pants are still here in the Philippines!

I want to own this skirt and the plain and simple top too!

That yellow maxi skirt and white top is my favorite!

You already know skorts!

Denim on denim or westerner vibe.

The kimono!

Aztec/Tribal scarf.

The ombre hair! 

Wonder why we're always late? Who are we going to blame on this? The suppliers in Japan? Most of our clothes here are from Bangkok, so are they late? What's your opinion? 

P.S: Some of the pieces above are pegs for Les' Moda's De Nimes Florale collection. :)

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