Thursday, June 21, 2012

Groceries and Cooking

Shopwise is the nearest grocery mall we have here at Filinvest 2 and what I love about is they have Starbucks Coffee branch in there and of course I can't resist grabbing a Caramel Frap!

 Thank you so much Labs, I needed to hype up myself on that day 'cause I felt so sedentary and lack of sleep.


Started buying on the wet area, I forgot to tell you guys that this was for a birthday celebration of Kev's Mom.

Whenever I saw Arizona's designs, nakatitig lang ako sa kanila!

Our favorite, Hansel Premium! Did you experience Combos inside while eating this? Haha!

Buy me these!

Few stuffs we bought. :)

 And here our specialties, the photo above is Tiny Mojos with Cheese.


Buffalo Chicken Breasts

Kev's Garlic Buttered Shrimp!

Caesar Salad

Kuya Eric! (Kev's older brother)

Kev's Mom and Tita Tess

My favorite dish! Haha! I wish Tita Evelyn enjoyed the food we served specially the salad. Thank you lovies for reading this one!

Always & Forever,


  1. Oooh pretty near in Fairview, that's where I live. I always wanted to try to shop there in Shop Wise :)

    1. But it's quite small. Really? You're in Fairview lang? :)

  2. ang sarap!!! ginutom ako :)))) especially with the garlic buttered shrimp :P


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